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Canada PR Process 2021 // Express Entry Canada 2021

Hello and welcome to another video on my channel. My name is Busi and today   I'm talking about where to get started if you want to immigrate to Canada.   Now if you have not yet watched this video on my channel where I take you through how to figure out which programs you are eligible for, 

I would advise that you pause this video and start there and after you have figured out which programs you are eligible for and now you're thinking okay what's that first step and what do I need to do the first thing that you want to do is go to that number one place that I always say we must check and 

that is the site for immigration that's where you will see what documents they require for you to go through whatever process you need to go through and that is the first place you need to go. 

So if you're going through the   express entry process you now need to create a profile because if you don't have a profile   in the express entry pool there's no way that you are ever going to get selected and possibly receive an invitation to apply you're trying to get to a place 

where you created your profile and you are in the game so when the next draw comes with FSW, the Federal Skilled Worker Program,   you are already in there and you are eligible and have a chance of being selected. So, the first document that you need and it's one of those that I think I hardly ever really ask because I   take it for granted that everyone should have a passport if

they're looking to immigrate but if you don't have a passport yet that is your first document to sort out make sure that you have a valid passport if you have a passport that has expired now is the time to go and renew that passport and get a new one the second thing that you wanna do the second and third thing you can really   do them around 

the same time you choose whichever one you want um to do first but it is doing your language test if you want to create a profile you will need to have your language test scores so get your language test done study practice get that test done and you will have it mended for a   period of I think it's three years you can just double check on their website the al's website   

I will link everything in the description so you know exactly where to go to get the things done the third thing is getting your educational credentials assessed now you can do this through an organization like WES. I will add a link in the description of that but you basically will get   your institution, wherever you studied, to send them your transcripts and 

then they will check   and say that in Canada your degree or whatever it is that you have is equivalent to "X" they'll   say what it's equivalent to in Canada and you need to do that along with your English test so now you   have your passport you have your English test and you have your qualifications or credentials   assessed and

the next thing that you need to make sure that you're sorting out at this point is your   proof of funds and how much proof of funds you need that is going to be determined by the Canadian immigration officers so i strongly suggest that you always go and check on the website if anything   has updated or has changed and you'll get to see how much you need 

for one person how much you need   for a family and so on and so forth and if you are going through a provincial nominee program   this is the part where you also need that provincial nominee at hand or if you have a job   offer already you will need to have that job offer available but it's not required the job offer   

and a provincial nomination is not required before you can create a profile with the documents that I just mentioned you just need to have your passport you need to have your   credentials assessed you need to have your English test and have your proof of funds ready to go that   is all that you need to create a profile and

then you create your profile and wait for an invitation to apply for permanent residence if you are interested in being part of a community of people who are similar to you people who are doing their research people who want to immigrate and move to   Canada I created a group on mighty networks 

there are a number of people in there who are at very different stages of the process but can provide and have provided very useful information   I will place a link in the description if you would like to join the Busi G fam you can do so on that link I look forward to welcoming you in the group and in the next video I will be going through what the next steps are after you have received your invitation to apply so stay tuned for that and I will see you on the next video. Thank you for watching! 


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