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6 Big Changes to US Immigration in 2021 (What You Should Know)

Friends, what are the biggest changes we should expect in immigration in 2021?   We're also excited about the new year, but how is it going to really impact immigration? Watch this video for the top six things that will likely happen in immigration in 2021. 

Guys, thanks so much for watching this Article, and welcome to McBean immigration TV,   where I break down the latest immigration news that is likely to impact your case. And I also give you tips guys on how to win this immigration battle. 

So immigration changes under Biden. I've talked about it and these videos that I'm going to link here, and we know that there are a lot of changes that are coming in 2021 to immigration. But the question is what are the biggest things,   the biggest things that will impact you, right? Or your relative or someone you care about.

I'm going to give you my top six things for what we can expect to see in 2021.   All right. If you're ready type in below in the comment, I'm ready. Let's go. I'm so ready for   2021. And I'm so excited guys. I want you to stick around all the way until the end for the sixth thing that I think will happen in 2021 in immigration because it directly impacts you. So stick around all the way until the end. All right. So the first thing that we could expect to see in 2021

with immigration is embassy reopenings and you might be saying, well, a toy.   My embassy has already reopened. What I'm talking about. Friends is a policy statement from the state department saying that embassies should resume normal processing of immigrant visas.   And certainly non-immigrant visas. We want to see a wide-scale announcement or policy directive from the state department in Washington, DC that says that embassies can operate as normal, not on some glacial pace that they're on currently. 

And in some cases they're not even really operating in a way that makes sense, right? Certainly, the state department will give a difference to the embassy with respect to Coronavirus, right? Like how bad are things on the ground with Coronavirus in that particular city or country? Right? Of course, the embassy closure should be considered in that light. But if you have countries with extremely low coronavirus rates, like some countries in Africa, right? Why should those embassies still be operating at a glacial pace? What we can expect in 2021 is that embassies will reopen and resume normal processing. The second thing that we could expect to see in 2021 

is public charge going away? Yes,   I have said in previous videos that public charge will not go away overnight. And it just won't because it has to go through an official rulemaking process and that takes time.   But what we can expect to see in 2021 is the Biden administration starting that process. And   who knows, hopefully by the end of 2021 public charge will be completely off the table. And   also guys, one thing you should know is that the agency I S has the power or the ability to scale   back on public charge through its own policies. So I expect to see the new public charge rules   go away. The third thing that we could expect to see in 2021 

friends is a shift in resources. What   am I talking about here? Well, I'm talking about the fact that under the Trump administration,   a lot of money was poured into ice, which is the law enforcement agency of the   department of Homeland security. And so a lot of resources were put into eyes. A lot of resources   were put into building a border wall. A lot of resources were put into deportation   proceedings and such. And so what I expect to see in 2021 is that the overflow of resources will   shift from those initiatives to other programs and such. So let's keep an eye out for that in 2021.   The fourth thing that we could expect to see in 2021 

guys is with respect to the travel ban,   right? And I've talked about this in the past that the new Biden administration has already committed   to getting rid of the travel bans. And so what we can expect in 2021 is that the presidential proclamation, which is keeping so many people in the family preference system from coming in, we're   expecting to see that that proclamation will go away. Now, the question is, well, a Toya, when is   it going to go away bright? Because right now it's slated to expire on December 31st, 2020, but I've   heard you say that well, it's likely or possible that Trump can extend this into January.   And certainly he can extend it into January, but he has an expiration date. Guys. Trump has   an expiration date attached to him right now. 

And that date is January 20th, 2021. So that   proclamation will expire either by that point or if he has a later expiration date on it,   the Biden administration can get rid of that on day one. So that's the fourth change that we could   expect in 2021. The fifth change that we could expect in 2021 has to do with more immigration   filings. I expect that the pace will pick up in 2021, uh, people who are filing for immigration   benefits, as you guys know, there was a big decline in applications and petitions to U S   C I S, which ultimately led to the major budget problems that they face during 2020. And they   were threatened furlough for a number of months, for a low in their staff because of the money   problems that they were facing, which arose out of fewer people, applying for an immigration benefit   because people were afraid. People were so terrified of applying,   right? 

And so fewer people did apply. And then also the agency had all of these bad policies that   prevented people from applying any way it hindered them, I should say, from applying any way. So   the fault certainly was on the administration's part, but what we can expect to see in 2021   is that more people will submit their adjustment of status application. Their marriage petition,   this [inaudible] petition, and some other applications are likely to be put into the   system for an immigration benefit. And the last thing guys that we can expect to see in 2021 

is   processing times may change, may change. And I left this one for the very end, because I still   have a question Mark over this one, right? And the reason why I'm not that certain that process in   times will change or improve or get better. Things will happen faster for us and for you   is because the agency is historically slow, right? Historically slow us, CIS doesn't process   applications and petitions very quickly. And certainly there was a slow down over the last few,   couple of years. So the things that were causing the slow down, right, the operational issues right   behind the scenes that we, 

none of us see and know about really. But those things are likely   to maybe get a little better in 2021 because of a new administration is coming on board and they   have different priorities around immigration and us CIS as an agency is not supposed to be   a law enforcement type of agency that Trump tried to turn it into. No, it is   an agency with the sole function of processing immigration benefit applications. Right? 

And   we're going to see some things maybe behind the scenes at the agency shift that will allow them to   maybe process our applications and petitions in a better or smoother way.   So guys, a lot of exciting things are ahead of us in 2021 with immigration,   I'd love for you to share this video with other people, take a screenshot of this video,   send it over to your IgE story tag, McBean immigration law in your story so that I   could see it and give you a shout out. 

But yeah, share this video guys on WhatsApp on Facebook,   Twitter, go ahead and spread it because people need to understand what to expect in 2021. Guys,   don't forget to subscribe to my channel, hit the like button and let me know your thoughts below.   And I will see you in the next one. Bye-bye [inaudible]. 

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