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Study Abroad Program | University of Denver (2021)

My name is Gladys Juarez. So I went to Sevilla in Spain. The University of Denver has a really, really great study abroad program. And they have the Cherrington Global scholarship - [Denise] My name is Denise Cope. I am the director of the Office of international education at the University of Denver. This is a benefit that students will automatically get if they meet the eligibility requirements. 

Basically, it covers your visa cost and your airfare. - [Denise] You have to have 90 DU credits. Students have to apply to our office, we have around 150 programs in our portfolio. - [Gladys] For me, it was a huge help because anything outside of tuition would be out-of-pocket for me. That was like a 1,500 dollar flight, like a round trip. 

We have exchange programs that are in direct relationships with institutions and these are year-long programs. - [Gladys] My scholarship covered that for me, and they covered the visa like you have to have a student visa to be there.


Students have to have a 3.0, they have to be in good academic standing and also disciplinary standing. - [Students] Chi Lambda Chi! - [Gladys] I got to grow a lot as a person, I guess learning how to book a flight and actually go to the airport by yourself and handle all that by yourself was really scary for me, so I think I grew a lot from that.

Our jobs are to make sure that students have the tools and resources that they need before they go. So it's preparing them, there's the preparation phase, and then while they are abroad, we've got the right mechanisms in place to respond to a crisis. 

I'm Courtney Niebrzydowski, and I'm the International Travel Risk Analyst, and specifically, I'm supporting international travelers, so that would be studying abroad students, students going on faculty-led programming, students who are experiential, so they might be going for research or an internship. - [Denise] I am a parent, and I know what parents feel, cause it feels scary to let your child go to France, for example, to study in this age of uncertainty.

medical school

One of our friends, we're all sorority sisters, so one of our sorority sisters was studying abroad in Brazil and she actually messaged us and she was like, are you guys okay? And she was like, how are the explosions, like what's going on? And we were like, what are you talking about? And then, one of my friends from Barcelona, her host dad called her or texted her and was like, are you okay, what's going on?

I receive a lot of different information about world events and kind of monitor that and cross-reference with who's in our system. - [Gladys] We let DU know immediately they sent an email saying, let us know where you are if you're in Paris.

Determine who's there, reach out to them and ask if they could check in with me to make sure that all is well. - [Gladys] I actually sent an email and I was like, I'm here, she's here, like a whole list of everybody, and we're like, we're good, we let them know.

I think it's really important for students to have the opportunity to go abroad. Not only personally, but also academically. - [Gladys] It was really great, it was really eye-opening. - [Courtney] To be a part of a university that really supports that is exciting.

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