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Openbox AS4K CI Pro Receiver Software Recover Solution 2020

Openbox AS4K CI Pro Receiver Software Recover Solution 2020

Openbox AS4K CI Pro Receiver Software Recover Solution 2020

Openbox 4k android receiver has different models available in the market as:

  • Openbox AS4K
  • Openbox AS4K CI
  • Openbox AS4K CI PRO
  • Openbox AS4K CI PRO+

How to Recover:

Mostly Android Receivers hang up while in running applications or hang on Boot Screen during the Booting process when you start the receiver or when failure to update during mains failure. So, in this condition, the recovery process is applied to get back the receiver in normal condition.

There are two different processes for Openbox 4K receivers that are given below:

  1. If the receiver hangs up or causing trouble in booting then you should run a cleansing software file that will recover the receiver back to normal by clearing cache files and unnecessary data.
  2. And if the receiver stuck on boot during a software update or mains failure then the recovery file will be loaded by USB disk to recover the receiver into normal condition. The procedure is here:
  • Download the required recovery file software
  • Unzip/Extract the file
  • Rename the file to update.ird
  • Copy it to the USB disk.
  • Connect the USB disk to the set-top box and at the moment of switching on to the power supply, repeatedly press “CH Up ” on the remote control before starting the software update process, it will show the update process on screen and will be restored. If you have any trouble watch video tutorial at the end of this post in the Urdu Language.


Here are some recovery files and Software for free download:




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